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  • Within Argentina, Chile, Antarctica and Uruguay
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  • Managing fully customized travel experiences
  • Own account manager who accompanies your travel from a to z
  • Short communication lines & fast processes

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  • Extensive knowledge of our account management team
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  • Partnerships with high standard local agencies

Services »

We approach the coordination of all of our travels with a professional attitude and our team is 24/7 available for emergencies to provide immediate response to any customer demand. We stimulate direct contact with our clients  
  • Visiting them once a year at their offices
  • Providing a team training for their employees at their offices
  • Using international phone numbers and Skype

Destinations »

You can have access to our destination manual, product portfolio and prices to pre-select the tours, services and hotels you want to offer or you leave the designing process up to our travel specialists. We will help you with:
  • Travels to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Antarctica
  • Extraordinary accommodations
  • Customized tours

Specials »

Looking for an out-of-the ordinary travel experience? Check out our special destinations to Antarctica, Cape Horn and the strait of Magellan. We offer live changing experiences you will never forget.  
  • Visit Antarctica by private plane
  • Sailing around Cape Horn
  • Kayaking with humpback whale

Highlighted Destinations

Lake District »

The Lake District is undeniably one of the most beautiful areas of South America. Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world come here in search of e …

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Argentina »

Argentina is a country of infinitely captivating landscapes, from the snow-capped mountains of the Andes to the waterfalls of Iguazú. The combination …

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Puerto Montt »

Founded as late as 1853 during the German colonization of southern Chile, Puerto Montt soon outgrew older neighboring cities due to its strategic posi …

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Puerto Varas »

The city is well known for its German traditions, its food, its fish and seafood, the natural environment, its casino and 5 star hotels. Only 12 miles …

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Lake District »

Chile’s Lake District is famous for its spectacular scenery of deep blue mountain lakes, snow-capped volcanos, pristine beauty of alerce (larch) fores …

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Easter Island »

Rapa Nui, or Easter Island is one of the most isolated islands on Earth. Early settlers called the island “Te Pito O Te Henua” (Navel of The World). O …

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Valparaíso »

Valparaíso, port and city, is located on the coast of central Chile, just 74 miles from Santiago. This port city is full of history and nostalgia, als …

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Antarctica »

A trip to the White Continent is without doubt one of the most unique experiences of a lifetime! No place on earth compares to this vast white wildern …

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Punta del Este »

Punta del Este is one of South America’s most glamorous beach town and easily the most expensive place in Uruguay. Extremely popular with Argentineans …

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Colonia del Sacramento »

Considered World Heritage of the Humanity in 1995 by Unesco, Colonia del Sacramento is known for being one of the cities of the Río de la Plata which …

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Montevideo »

Montevideo is the lively capital of Uruguay and a popular destination of travelers. It´s small enough to walk around, but big enough for some great ar …

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Uruguay »

Uruguay can be worth a visit when you have an extra day in Buenos Aires. Uruguay is bordered by Argentina to its west and Brazil to the north and east …

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Santiago »

Capital of the Republic of Chile, Santiago is the cultural, administrative and financial center, and the most important metropolis in the country. San …

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Torres del Paine »

The name of the National Park is a result of the three granite pillars and is famous for her spectacular glaciers, turquoise lakes and exquisite fauna …

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San Pedro de Atacama »

Northern Chile’s most spectacular scenery. Only a short drive away from the country’s largest salt flat, spotted pink with flamingos and its edges cri …

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Punta Arenas »

Colorful Punta Arenas lies 1915 miles south of Santiago de Chile. This picturesque city is the most important urban center in the Magallanes Region. L …

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Puerto Natales »

Puerto Natales is the capital of the Province of Última Esperanza (Last Hope). The city was founded in 1911 on a gently sloping point on the inlet of …

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Pucón »

Pucón’s unrivaled location by a lake and a volcano, combined with quite stable weather (especially in summer) make it a popular destination for touris …

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Chile »

“In the beginning of time, God created the wonders of the world. When he was finished, however, he saw that he had many leftover pieces. He had parts …

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Ushuaia »

Ushuaia is located between the Beagle Channel and the Andes, surrounded by forests and glaciers. The city offers a great variety of activities, includ …

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Salta »

Salta is known as ‘Salta la linda’, meaning ‘Salta the beautiful’. It is not difficult to understand why Salta has been given this name! Stunning land …

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Puerto Madryn »

Puerto Madryn is situated at the deep blue waters of the ‘Nuevo Golfo’, New Gulf, on the East of the Province of Chubut, and it is located on the clif …

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Mendoza »

Mendoza, famous for lodging Mount Aconcagua and for its Malbec wines, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Nestled in the foothills of …

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Iguazú Falls »

Iguazú is without doubt the most impressive natural wonder of South America! The spectacular waterfalls are situated on the border between Argentina a …

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Esteros del Ibera »

The word ´Iberá´ means ´bright waters´ in the Guaraní tongue. When watching the moon glowing on the lagoons and the marshlands in these Corrientes low …

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El Chaltén »

El Chaltén is a small mountain village located 135 miles north of El Calafate and was created in 1985 to help secure the disputed border with Chile. I …

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El Calafate »

As soon as you arrive in El Calafate, you realize that you have landed in an entirely different world! In the middle of the Patagonia highlands you ar …

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Córdoba »

Córdoba is the second-largest city in Argentina and the main urban development in the central region of the country. Even though it is nestled in a va …

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Cafayate »

Located at 1.660 meters above sea level, the village of Cafayate is well known due to its famous Torrontes wine production. The right combination of t …

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Buenos Aires »

Buenos Aires, the city of Tango, Maradonna and Evita Perón! Buenos Aires is also known as the Paris of South-America. It is a city with more than 13 m …

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Bariloche »

Ever beautiful San Carlos de Bariloche, lying on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi and surrounded by mountains and the world famous Nahuel Huapi Nationa …

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What our customers say

Our aim at Quark Expeditions is not only to exceed our customer expectations on our ships, but also on the ground, despite sometimes challenging situations in South America. Stephan and his team at New World are a great support with this; they are responsive, organised and completely focused on delivering customer excellence. They are a great partner in delivering an experience of a lifetime. - Hans Lagerweij - Portfolio Managing Director TUI
New World travel designers is our partner in Argentina. Excellent services and short lines helps us to be the leader in Polar Adventures.​ - Andrew White - Vice President Quark Expeditions
“Having our clients taken care by New World Travel Designers makes all of us look like stars as they exceed our client’s expectations. Service is outstanding and clients are amazed at the attention to detail” - Noraly Barillas - Kensington Tours - United States
New World Travel Designers is an organization that stands for high quality, which can be easily measured among our clients who come back from their journeys very satisfied. This organization works very accurately; responding emails quickly and always give very complete information what makes it possible to inform our clients in the best way.​ - Laura Snippe - LAS travel - The Netherlands
New world knows the country inside out. They offer great service with eye for detail. We get a prompt reply on any request we send. The day we started working with New world, is the day we stopped receiving complaints from our passengers!​ - Monica Groeneveld - Vamonos travel - The Netherlands

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